Flashback Friday

When we visited a local park last week, and I saw my confident young man climbing trees, traversing cargo nets and swinging independently, my mind flashed back to one of the first times I'd taken him to that park.


To me it's such a short period of time, for him the time lapse is monumental!

Linking up to Flashback Friday over at Mummy Mishaps and The Real Housewife of Suffolk County.

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  1. jenny paulin says

    its such a transformation isn't it? i was looking through B 's early park photos last night (whilst trying to find inspiration for a flashback!) and I was awwwing to myself at how small he was back then too. such a gorgeous and confident boy now isnt he? and still looking like you 🙂
    thank you for linking up its perfect x

  2. says

    He's SOOO Cute with the cheeks, I could just whisk him up and kiss his cheeks (in a non weird way…after asking for consent ofcourse :)). He's grown to be a very lovely boy!

  3. says

    They grow so fast don't they. I keep looking at Louka and marvelling how much he's grown but know it will seem like its flown by when he's Leo's age. Lovely flashback.

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