Flashback Friday: Spooky Bangs!

This week's theme for Flashback Friday is Hallowe'en, however I'm bending the rules slightly and including Bonfire Night as well.

I relish any opportunity to dress The Boy up, but as he gets older and develops his own personality, I'm not particularly welcomed with open arms when I wave a cutesy costume at him.

However when he was 18 months old, that was a completely different matter!

I'm hoping to get The Gruffalo costume on him at Christmas time!

This weekend we're off to the annual Sparks In The Park in the ground of Cardiff Castle. Last year we left it to late to gain access but were directed to an excellent spot by the university building which would give a great view. However, it's not the same if you're not in with the thousands of people who are all freezing and queueing for the portaloos together, so I've prebought our tickets.

Our first time at a firework display was two years ago, and The Boy was way more interested in the falling leaves and trying to glue them back on to the trees, than any shooty-whizzy-swirly-flashes in the sky.

I look at these pictures and he looks so tiny and babylike, yet it seems like yesterday!

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Awwww bless he does look so small and baby faced! It's hard to believe how much they can change n such a shot space of time. He makes a very cute pumpkin! I like how he is studying the leaf really carefully too.
    Thanks for linking up x

  2. says

    Awwww he looks so cute in the first Pumpkin photo. It's like he's already saying "I'm not cool with this!"
    He looks so tiny in the bonfire photos. I love his coat!
    Thank you for linking up x

  3. says

    The little pumpkin outfit reminds me of our first Halloween with my boys. Youngest had a similar outfit and he looked so cute as does your boy. Great that he's not phased by the fireworks and bangs and can enjoy the leaves. Hope you have fun this year.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I loved that pumpkin outfit on him but the little b*gger wouldn't wear it again! He adores fireworks and this year was full of oooohs and aaaahs!

  4. says

    Gorgeous photos. We've had a few little pumpkins in our house too. Enjoy the fireworks, our bonfire party has been moved to my Brother-in-Laws so we'll be enjoying our evening there.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The fireworks were ok but the organisation of the place was awful! I'm not going to be paying £15 to go again, we'll stand out on the street with the hundreds of other people.

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