Pirate Story Books

As part of our focus on pirate crafts and activities, I have invested in a couple of story books to help stimulate The Boy's imagination and explain the concept to him. It's a tricky thing to teach your three year old son about when you're desperately trying to keep him away from violence. There are a few really cool books by Jonny Duddle, like The Pirates Next Door, but he's not the type of boy to appreciate the bone-crunching humour in it.

"The Night Pirates"

The shadows around Tom's window are keeping him awake, and it soon transpires that they belong to a crew of girl pirates and their captain who need to borrow the front of Tom's house. The concept of an adventure on a pirate ship is far more exciting than bed and so he sets sail with the girl captain to a treasure island.

Simple, exciting with just the right measure of butterfly-inducing adventure, this beautifully illustrated tale of friendly pirates is by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright.

"Peppa Pig: Pirate Island"

Absolutely no book anthology of The Boys would be complete without the porcine pair gracing it. This soundbook is really fun and follows the adventures of Peppa and George, along with their friends, as they accompany Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig on a boat trip to Pirate Island. They find a variety of natural and manmade treasure, before having an adventure of their own due to Grandpa Pig.

The Boy adores this book and we have to read it every day. A must for any Peppa fans.

"Pirate Pete"

Pirate Pete is quite a cheeky pirate and steals a treasure map from the Queen while she is asleep. Trying to race ahead of her fleet to take the treasure before she can get there, he soon becomes distracted by the potential of more gold in other places. Will he make it to the treasure before the Queen? Will he be taught a valuable lesson?

I actually bought this on Kindle to use on the iPad when out and about. A slightly more detailed story book it's a lovely, moralistic story with colourful illustrations throughout.

"Pirates!" Activity & Sticker Book

This is a fantastic full colour activity book with over thirty activities and puzzles in it, ranging from dot-dot to cookery activities, mask making, stickers, spot the difference to making a hinged puppet. It's certainly got plenty of ideas to keep all the jolly pirates happy during the Summer holidays. It's part of a four pack set (including knights, dragons and dinosaurs) from Igloo Books.*

I was sent the item marked * to feature on this blog. All other books I bought myself and all my recommendations are based on my honest opinion.

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  1. Natasha Dennis says

    We have a lovely pirate book called The Pirates Next Door by Johnny Duddle. It's about a little called Tilda who lives in Dull on Sea. A family of pirates move in next door called the Jolley Rogers. All the locals complain. They don't stay long but leave a lasting reminder.

  2. says

    They all look so good. I've always been a fan of pirates! Must look out for these. Angelo might still be too young but no harm in stocking up now and ready them too ;0)

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