This is 'The Day That'…

… my dad held my son for the first time.

Do you have a special day? One that you want to remember with a unique, personalised gift? Enter my 'The Day That…' competition to win a £250 'The Day That…' framed print and you could do just that. More details here.

  • Chose your favourite picture of your own special day;
  • Post it on your blog. You can write about it too, but how much you write is up to you – there may be a story behind the photo that you want to share, or it may be that the photo says it all;
  • Somewhere in the post add the following statement (including the link):
  • Add your post to the competition linky below before 15th August 2012 at 9pm.

A panel of judges will carefully go through every link, looking for a picture that they think best captures the essence of your special day – a picture really does paint a thousand words after all. They don’t have to be technically perfect; we’re looking for emotion and inspiration.

Oh and could you please link this post in somewhere too? Just so other people know where to come to enter!

And that’s it. Pretty straightforward isn’t it? Create your The Day That… blog post and add it to the linky now for your chance to win.

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's a little tinged with sadness as that night was when The Boy was raced into hospital in an ambulance unconscious. But I look at it and tell myself it shows how lucky I am.


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