Country Kids: Fun In The Sun

With the cobalt blue sky and the sun shining so beautifully all week, getting out and about has been an absolute must for us. It coincided brilliantly with the start of the holidays, and has ensured that we haven't wasted our time together!

Sunday – Gruffalo Hunting

On the way back from Silverstone on Sunday, we stopped off at an RSPB nature walk to stretch our legs. While we were hunting for The Gruffalo and calling out to mouse to see if he knew where he was, we came across a cave and The Boy just had to explore it to see if anyone was inside!

Pebble Plopping

After Mr. TBaM got home from work on Monday, we nipped down to our local beach to partake in some pebble plopping. Mr. TBaM was determined he'd be able to skim stones, whereas The Boy just wanted to make the biggest single plop possible.


We met up with our toddler group down at Barry Island beach and managed to avoid high tide, but only just. Then, because we hadn't played with enough sand, we came home and built some more sandcastles.

Clifftop Picnic

On a Friday morning The Boy goes to nursery. While he's there he has lunch, but because he has so much to say for himself, he never eats well and quite often doesn't like what they give him anyway (spinach and potato pie for example). I'm not bothered because the socialisation is more important for him, but when I pick him up we always have to have a second lunch to make sure he's had enough to eat. I decided to take him to the clifftop park for he could burn off some more energy and eat a picnic lunch.

Pirates at Barry Island

The sun today heralded more outdoor play so we headed for the beach again. We originally went further down the coastline to Southerndown beach, but the problem is that when high tide is approaching there it covers all the sand and only leaves a swathe of rocks. Cue an about turn and off to the old faithful of Barry Island! More sandcastles, more buried The Boy, and finishing up with a round of pirate mini-golf!

Hope next week is just as activity filled!

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  1. Jennypaulin says

    Wow you have been busy! It does help when the rain dries up doesn't it? It inSpires you to get out and about. I love the gruffalo hunt and pebble plopping photos best but him picking out the custard is funny.
    Long live the sunshine I say even though it has just poured down with rain here.

  2. says

    What a wonderful start to the holidays for you all. If mine gang are anything to go by then The Boy and Mr TBaM will become very competitive about their stone skimming in time! Love your nature woods and of cause Barry Island. Fingers crossed for more of the same this week. It's looking good today! Thank you for linking up and sharing your adventures.

  3. says

    How lovely! These days out sound exactly like ours. We always go Gruffalo hunting whenever we visit the woods near us. Charles says Pine Cones are Gruffalo droppings…….

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