Friday 15th June 2012 – 'Intent' (167/366)

The Boy received a 'That's Not My Colouring Book' colouring book from a friend for his birthday and has really taken to it. He sat earlier choosing his picture, then I could hear him saying, "You need a red, an orange and a blue, but we haven't got an orange so I'll use yellow." I looked up and he was colouring in the picture as the example one was coloured. I was very impressed with my little man.

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  1. says

    I love those colouring books that have a page already coloured in, otherwise I find they all get scribbled in the same colour! much concentration going on!

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    That's lovely colouring in. The only problem with those desks is that they are on a slant! I love how he has a view to look out on

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