Get Small & Mighty With Bear Grylls (Competition)

I wrote recently about the National Trust's list of Fifty Things To Do Before You're 11¾, adapting it, as The Boy's birthday is next month, to Five Things To Do Before You're Three!

On the weekend we attempted to tick off number 1: 'Fly a kite'.

And failed.

It was actually too windy. I know, can you believe that's even possible? It's like the wrong type of rain is causing a drought in parts of Britain at the moment.

Anyway, it was too windy because it kept gusting and eventually the kite broke, I stomped off and nearly fell in a river. Ok, it was a stream. Ok, it was a trickling tributary. Nonetheless, it didn't go well and we need to buy a new kite as a result. However, one of the things that did happen while we were trying to find the perfect place to not-fly this daft kite was that The Boy fell over and rolled down the hill. And he laughed. He didn't roll very far and unfortunately wouldn't try it again because he was distracted by the kite, but he inadvertently crossed off another things from the NT list.

This rolling is also part of Bear Gryll's Top Ten Things To Do Before You're Ten handbook created in conjuction with Persil's Small & Mighty. He seems to have the technique perfected a little more than The Boy though.

With other activities like building a den, being a hide and seek champion and counting the stars, it's a great and achievable list of activities for children to attempt, encouraging them out into the great outdoors and to get mucky!

To celebrate, TheBoyandMe is offering one reader the chance to win a copy of the handbook and six month’s worth of Persil Small & Mighty. It's designed to take on the toughest of stains, like mud and grass, so kids can take on the toughest of outdoor adventures- just like Bear Grylls!

In order to be in with a chance of winning this, please fill in the rafflecopter form below. All  entry mechanisms must be completed in order for your entry to be valid!

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  1. says

    Hmmm just lots more of everything! Including tooth brushing and studying…

    Life's too short, if I could go back I'd cram a lot more in. More going out with friends, more sport, more school work, more experiences.

    Mostly though, I'd see more of my grandparents.

    Oh and invent Instagram 😉

  2. Katherine Aitken says

    What would I have wished? To have had the opportunity to spend more quality time with my parents, and to have studies harder at school.

  3. jessica whitehead-stevens (@jessws2011) says

    I wish I could off seen my bullies for what they really were. I may have saved me lots of heart ache @jessws2011

  4. Cheryll H says

    I wish I had made more friends – I was really shy and didn't make any real friends until I was a teenager (I'm so sad!) 🙂 @pipersky1

  5. Bella says

    I wish I had the idea of making a thing called 'facebook' then I would have the money to do a more now I'm older!!!!!

  6. Alex T says

    Whoops, think I did that wrong first time. I wish I had learnt to swim as a child so I was more confident in the water now with my lil boy.

  7. Chris says

    I wish I had believed in myself more when I was a kid and pushed myself to acheive what I really wanted to do

  8. Paula says

    I wish I'd gone to martial art classes, my son is going for his black belt in Ju Jitsu and I'm so jealous. Also wish that I had trained as a mechanic or builder although in 'those days' there were no courses like that for girls.

  9. Alice Matthews says

    I wish I had done more sport. I love outdoor activities and being outside as I grew up on a farm. We were always active, so I didn't really particpaye in team or indoor sports. Now I miss the physical fitness that came naturally on the farm.

  10. paula burnside says

    I wish I had learned to ice skate. I would love to be able to do it but Im too nervous to learn now.

  11. Andrea Smith says

    I think I did everything I wanted to as a child, perhaps save my money rather than spend it all on sweets!!

  12. Joanne Mapp says

    I wish I had stopped wanting to grow up so quickly and spent more time enjoying being young.

  13. Melanie Hunt says

    I Wish i went to school more. i had to redo my GCSE's in my 30's again but so glad i passed 🙂

  14. Rachael Simmons says

    I wish I'd been able to learn to ride a bike. I grew up in a very rough area and not only did my parents not have much money for such things, we were not allowed to play outside as there were 2 pubs at the end of our road and there were drunkards around always. At 26 now I know I still have time but I think it's easier to learn the correct balance when you're younger and more fearless.

  15. Karen Carpenter says

    I had the best time at school but I always wished that I had taken my cycling proficiency test

  16. Emma Gallagher says

    I wish I had learnt to swim earlier, I had lessons at 11 but these days kids have lessons at age 3.

  17. Kimberley Stone says

    The one thing I would have loved to have done as a child is learn to play an instrument.

  18. Harriet S says

    If I could have afforded it I would have loved to have tried some winter sports….learnt to snowboard in my 20s and haven't looked back!

  19. michelle evans says

    I wish I had saved money, even with small amounts of pocket money it would have given me a better start. My children save thanks to me pushing them to do it now though.

  20. Carol Peace says

    I dont think there was anything I wished I had done I was quite happy the way my childhood turned ou although I was bullied. Maybe I wished I had stood up to the bullies.

  21. Adele Leek says

    I just wish I had listened more to my parents, you know the saying"school is the best time of your life". You think yes right. Now I say that to my teens.

  22. Gabriella Bull says

    I wish I'd been able to spend more time with my Dad, after a messy divorce I saw him about twice maybe 3 times a year from the time I was 3. He died when I was 18 and just getting to know him so I wish I'd spent more of my childhood with him

  23. Caroline H says

    I wish I'd learnt to play violin – it was on offer but wasn't seen as particularly "cool" at the time.

  24. Helen says

    I wish I had been more confident and joining in with groups such as the Guides etc; I was too shy and retiring and missed out on a lot as a result.

  25. Rachael G says

    I wish I had gone to dance classes – I would have loved to and was so jealous as all of my friends went.

  26. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I wish I had learnt a language as a child. I'm terrible at them now and have always been hugely jealous of anyone who can speak another language fluently. I just couldn't convince my parents to take us to live in Spain for a year 😉

  27. Paula Fazekas says

    I wish i had thought about the career i chose more than i did. Maybe i wouldn't hate it as much!

  28. says

    I have to say, I was really lucky and had a very adventurous childhood, my parents are very outdoorsy and we would often just decide to go camping in the local woods for the weekend. I also got taken to a lot of motorbike rallies and drag racing weekends, I remember sitting in a giant marquee and watching two Hells Angels have a race to shimmy to the top of the tent poles holding the marquee up!

    I have to say, if there's one thing I wish I could have done as a kid, it would have been to go abroad – I didn't until I was 16 and went off my own steam, but I was very jealous of friends who got to experience Disneyland when they were young enough to succumb to the magic of it.

  29. jennifer thorpe says

    I wish I'd climbed a tree, all my friends would be up in the leaves and scaredy cat me would be stuck on the ground

  30. Lynn Blakeman says

    I had a great childhood, I was very lucky and I am grateful for that but I do wish I had learned to ice skate

  31. Susan Anderson says

    Wish i had learnt to swim as a child, am 33 now and still cant swim, will get round to it one of these days 🙂

  32. Charlotte Reilly says

    I wish I'd appreciated the sacrifices my parents made to give me such a wonderful childhood

  33. Duncan says

    I wish I would have learned another language besides french, which I hated in school. My son is bilingual, he is only 2 and manages it brilliantly! 🙂

  34. Jacqui Turner says

    I wish I'd enjoyed school more than I did because boy, I miss it now lol. All that learning with no responsibility. If only we could go back.

  35. Gary pethick says

    Learn how to swim. I'm tall so got away with not trying, now I can barely swim. It's an underrated skill to posess

  36. Hazel Christopher says

    My biggest regret as a child is actually not applying myself at school. I was very under confident and as such I often gave up before I started.

  37. Kim Allen says

    Been more sporty and concious of my weight, I think it would have been easier to take control if I'd started earlier!

  38. Sara says

    I wish I'd worried less and enjoyed more! Now going through these lists of things to do so myboys don't miss out!

  39. Sandy says

    successfully learn to ride a bike! I fell off during my cycling proficiency test & never got back on (I wish I were joking)

  40. gemma blake says

    I wish I had learnt how to horse ride. always wanted to but family circumstances meant it wasn't possible. now feel a bit too old (and would feel for the poor horse that had me on top!)

  41. Nicky Benton says

    I was lucky enough to do lots of stuff as a kid. I suppose the only thing i wish I had done was run away with the circus

  42. Cassandra Fryer says

    I took life way too seriously, I just wish I had more fun and not tried to grow up as fast as I did!

  43. Kirsty N says

    I wish I had tried synchronised swimming when I was younger – it always fascinated me but I never had the guts to try it!

  44. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I wish I'd had more confidence in myself! Other than that I wouldn't change all the dens and mud pies and sandcastles and camping and mixing potions!

  45. Sue Hunt says

    I wish I'd listened more and asked more questions when relatives talked about the family. I'm now trying to do our family tree and most of the people who could have helped are sadly no longer with us.

  46. Caroline Cummins says

    Learned to ride a bike! My mum always said it was too dangerous for me to have a bike as we lived near tram lines. So I didnt learn to ride a bike until I was 15 or 16!! I spent my childhood pushing round peoples spare bikes behind all my friends, very sad eh?

  47. Eliza W says

    Wish I had persevered in learning to ride a bicycle – one headlong tumble into a hedge and I gave up!

  48. Lesley Bain says

    Now looking back I really wish I'd learned to swim, but as a child the one thing I wished I'd done was fly like a bird 😀

  49. Charlotte Jones says

    I wish I'd been a bit more adventurous – climbed some more trees and rode my bike more!

  50. Helen Aiken says

    I wish I could have learnt ice-dancing. Sure, I did go ice-skating occasionally, but I really would have loved to have learnt to skate backwards and do all the twirls that the professional ice-dancers do.

  51. Maddy says

    I love my life now and think if I'd done things differently than I wouldn't be where I am now… Even the painful bits have helped to shape me. Perhaps not have started smoking as a teenager, but I've even packed that in now!

  52. Deborah Bird says

    I wish i'd done more swimming and learned to swin confidently, i have always been afraid in the water!

  53. Ellie Jacobs says

    I wish I had told my dad i loved him more. He raised me alone and I am now doing the same with my 2 kids. they say it to me many times a day and it brightens my life. Even if i am down, just them saying to me makes it better, so I wish I could have done the same to my dad x

  54. Michaela Williams says

    I wish I went to Disneyland with my family. Would love to see all that with kids eyes and imagination..

  55. Jane English says

    Learned to swim & spend more time with my lovely Dad, he passed away suddenly just after my 14th Birthday I still miss him terribly after all these years.

  56. Prerna Gupta says

    I wish I sat on roller coasters as a child so my fear would have gone..I cannot sit on roller coasters now!

  57. Alison says

    I wish I was more confident and outgoing and made more friends and enjoyed my childhood more. They say school days are the best of your lives and I realised it now!

  58. sandy hallett says

    I don't wish i'd done anything else as a child.
    I had an awesome childhood – loads of outdoor playing and being adventurous. We built loads of dens and my sisters and I played together well.

  59. Sophie Trinder says

    I wish I'd have gone skiiing. I've never been skiing before and I think if I'd have had a go as a child then it would have been something that I'd have continued to do as I grew up.

  60. Pauline Appleton says

    I had a great childhood, but i wish i had spent more time studying and taken my education seriously

  61. Joanne says

    I wish I'd studied art and become an art teacher (instead of listening to teachers who told me I was too clever for that). I may have a much better paid job, but I know I would have been so much happier.


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