How To Paint Monet's Waterlillies With Children

The rather inspiring RedTedArt has started a new project up and it is one that I was happy to jump on board with straightaway. She would like us to investigate the Great Artists with our children and see what art work we can help them create based on the painting that we've explored.

I've discussed this with Maggy and her plan is not to set a theme or artists to study each time, apart from the first post where she's intending to give us the suggestion of Jackson Pollock. He's a bit modern and out there for me and I wasn't initially bitten by this idea, but since she suggested it I've thought some more and will join in. However, there is one that screamed out loud to me that I had to pick as my first project and Maggy approved.

You see in the National Museum of Wales' art gallery is this beauty:

Monet's waterlillies for children

How on earth could I refuse the call of an original Monet?

And so a few weeks ago we popped into Cardiff on the train, trekked over to the museum and sat down and read Laurence Anholt's children's book about Monet: The Magical Garden of Claude Monet. It was incredibly quiet there that day, just a few 'ladies what lunch' having a saunter, and an elderly, deaf attendant who watched us reading and looking at the painting before coming over to chat to us.

The Boy loved looking at the painting but the magnificence and significance of it, and his surroundings completely escaped him. Because let's face it, he's two and it's just some splodges of paint really.

However, since then, he hasn't stopped 'reading' the book to himself and chatting about when we went to the museum. Admittedly, sometimes he's waffling on about the dinosaurs we saw, but generally the event sunk in. And so on the weekend we settled down in the kitchen with a plethora of materials and an image of the painting (thank you iPad).

Monet's waterlillies for childrenAs a class teacher, art lessons consist of me pointing to the art cupboard and the different paper types on the shelf and allowing the children to select for themselves. The Boy is two so I'd provided him with a selection of paint colours, paper colours and types for him to choose from, but I was still controlling the materials. As he gets older, he'll have more choice.

We discussed the colours in the painting, the brush strokes and what he could see. Then he had a go himself.

Monet's waterlillies for children

He experimented with different brush strokes and use of the sponge.

Monet's waterlillies for children

He got to practise his scissor, and ripping, skills.

Monet's waterlillies for children

He used collage materials for the leaves and then painted the lillies on top.

Monet's waterlillies for childrenAnd then, because Monet didn't have it but we both know he'd have used it if he could have, we sprinkled on glitter to make the water sparkle!

Monet's waterlillies for children

What do you think of our masterpiece?

I'm linking this up to RedTedArt's Great Artists.

Red Ted Art

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  1. says

    That's quite a little masterpiece. Well done the Boy, very impressive. Monet and Van Gogh were my type of art when I was a new student wanting to be cool and arty. They are fanastic though.

  2. says

    Wow! How utterly and totally wonderful and amazing!!! I love your museum visit and I ADORE your art project! Fantastic!! Hooray!

    Thank you so much for joining in at Kids Get Arty – am smiling from ear to ear! Off to pin.


  3. says

    ooooh that looks amazing! You have made me want to go to an art museum with the kids…

    We are going to join in with the linky too, S and I did some splat painting today!


  4. says

    That's REALLY good!! I especially like the lily pads and the glitter and yes, of course Monet would have used it if he'd had it… Can't wait to do things like this with my two!

  5. says

    This is fab, so creative and I love combining it with a visit to see the real thing. Can't wait to have a go at some Monet. Thanks for sharing. Ellie


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