I'm quite a proactive person and don't particularly like burying my head in the sand when it comes to problems. Like the time my oven broke down three days before Christmas when I was due to be entertaining my entire family over the two day period. Oh and it snowed six inches within a day so I had difficulties getting a repairman out. That was fun.

However, occasionally I do a very good impression of an ostrich. Like with the fridge-freezer.

I am actually ignoring the fact that it's leaking. Apart from when I stand in the puddle of water which is creeping its way across the floor from the base of the two metre tall monolith in the corner of the kitchen. Then I put down a sheet of kitchen towel and carry on regardless.

We've had it repaired once. I say 'repaired' but the man took the inside plate off and used my hairdryer to defrost it. Then he screwed it back on and charged me £60. Hece my reluctance to address the tsunami in my kitchen.

My fridge-freezer is supposed to be one of those new-fangled (although it's seven years old) ones that doesn't ice-up and doesn't need defrosting. Therefore when my husband tells me that it is leaking because it needs defrosting, I point him in the direction of the words on the front of it that say 'frost-free'. Only I put my wellies on before attempting to point to it because the evidence proves he is right, which is something that I don't like.

Therefore, sooner or later I am going to have to address the fact that I need a home appliances repair service and warranty, and bite the bullet. I wouldn't be quite so voluntarily ignorant of the entire process, had we not cancelled our warranty two years ago (because we'd never used it) in order to save money.

How much are new fridge-freezers?

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    We had a leaky fridge. We discovered that if you get something thin and pointy (skewer/thin chopstick) and then look at the back bottom of the fridge (inside the fridge) there is a slope with a hole in it. Poke this hole with pointy thing and voila no leaks. That hole is the drain and if it gets bunged up the water comes out the door.

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