The Things He Says And Does

The Boy has a little song at the moment that he sings, 'A cuddle and a kiss and a walking stick'. As a result when I saw a plastic one filled with sweets recently I bought it for him so he could sing the song properly. I removed the sweets and binned them because they were foul and I may as well just have poured E numbers down his throat. He was slightly disgruntled so I put a few mini eggs in to appease the situation. Over the course of the past fortnight he's eaten them gradually.

The other day he said, "Please could I have one because (with a cheeky smile on his face) I'm greedy?" and so I opened it up and three broken bits (the remaining pieces fell out). He put one in his mouth, I asked if I could have one and he put another in his mouth. I asked again and he looked at me and put the last one in his mouth.

Astounded I pointed out that I'd asked to share them with him and looked at him open mouthed. He promptly took one out of his mouth and put it in my open and disgruntled mouth. Nice hey? At least he shared.

I've linked this up to Thinly Spread's 'The Funny Things Children Say and Do'

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  1. says

    Aww my little one has done that before, but he's getting better at sharing. Yes those sweets aren't the best for little ones, don't know why they make them. x

  2. itsamumsworld says

    Lol that is so funny! My daughter did similar to hubby a few weeks back. Then she came running in and told me she'd shared her raisins with Daddy. I'm still undecided whether or not to tell hubby that they were chocolate raisins originally! x

  3. says

    Kids eh? I regularly gets bits of chewed food stuffed (literally) in my mouth by my 18 month old. I try and discretely remove it while thanking him for sharing with me. Got to love 'em!

  4. Mumofthreeboys says

    Haha atleast he is sharing my boys would have scoffed the lot. I agree with you, them sweets in them things taste foul and are full of the horrid stuff. BTW what a cute song 🙂

  5. says

    I had one of those walking sticks filled with all those disgusting sweets. Probably ate the lot in one go too!! Explains a lot!

    He's so cute. I love the way they think nothing of sharing stuff like that, I often have to eat half chewed stuff!!! x

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