And The Cow Went Moo!

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, and on these National Hallmark Days we try to get out and about and do something together as a family. When it's warm then it's a little easier to choose what to do, when it's for Mr. TheBoyandMe it's easier. However, an activity we can do with a focus for mummy always causes Mr. TBaM issues. He suggested a few and I vetoed them, until he suggested a local, community farm which is free. We hadn't been there since last Summer, and even then have been only twice before, so we jumped in the car and shot down there for an hour or two.

It was incredibly quite there, and so we had a great deal of peace and quiet to wander around, admire the animals and the start of Spring bursting forth.

We saw new life bursting forth amongst the debris of Winter

We tested the depths of puddles:

Interacted with the environment:

And we talked to the animals!

He absolutely loved it there and it'll be great to visit this farm throughout the year with The Boy and see the developments in each season.

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    What a lovely post and photos too. Great to have something like that close by and free too, makes it much easier to just pop by for an hour or so when you don't feel you have to get your money's worth! The Boy looks like he is having a lovely time with those puddles and that huge tractor! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

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