Stocking Fillers for Children

Need last minute stocking fillers for your children? Check these out.

If your little one is anything like The Boy then they are fascinated by snowglobes. Photobox give you the opportunity to create your own personalised snowglobe like this:

Creating the snowglobe is quick and easy to do: upload the photo, drag the aperture to the correct place to frame the picture, add it to the basket and you're done! The central section which holds the photo shows the same picture on both sides and it's printed to a high quality as with all Photobox products. We had one made with a photo of The Boy during his first Winter and experience of snow. The snowglobe is quite large and made of thick plastic; The Boy has dropped it a few times and it has just rolled to one side while creating an amazing (contained) snowstorm.

Available from Photobox for £9.99

We are currently undergoing sleep training with The Boy (it's taking ages though!) and any lights which can persuade him to lie quietly in his cot until Mr. Sandman visits are essential for us. One of these such lights is a GloMate.

GloMates are portable, soft touch, colour changing nightlights (available in battery operated or low voltage mains re-chargeable versions) which are durable, easy-clean and, due to the energy efficient LED lights, don't get hot. There are different modes allowing for a rainbow colour sequence, a single favourite colour or even a 15 minute dimmer so the light extinguishes whilst your toddler drops off to sleep.

Available for £12.99 from GloMate

Bic have a variety of colouring crayons, pencils and felts out which would be a perfect, traditional addition to any stocking. There is something for all ages with the range including:

  • 'Turn & Colour' twisting wax crayons (£3.99) which are perfect for pre-schoolers (and their anxious parents) as they leave minimal mess and require no sharpening;
  • 'Mini Colour & Create' (£3.99) suitable for reception-aged infants and containing six classic felt pens and six 'magic' covering felts to draw over the top of the classic;
  • 'Colour & Erase' magic felts (£6.31) for older children and include magic ink eraser pens.

Available from Amazon and Staples

For those of you who like to give something a little more ethical or eco-friendly at Christmas time, then there are a fabulous selection of FairTrade wooden jigsaws over at TraidCraft.

This emergency vehicle set consists of an ambulance, fire engine and police car, all of which are also jigsaws and made from albesia wood. They are made by craftsmen and women at Gospel House in Madampe, Southern Sri Lanka which seeks to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people, often with no educational qualifications.

Available from Traidcraft for £10.50

The Boy is becoming fascinated with projected images, especially at night time. Which makes this an ideal present.

The torch has a hood to it which allows for one of two small black hemi-spheres to be attached. Through these it projects the images of wildlife, e.g. lions and tigers, and yes even a bear! There is also a sea creatures torch and a Space torch as well. Perfect for adventurous little boys of all ages!

For availability please check here.

The Boy is of the age now where he is developing his physical capabilities and he adores trikes and scooters. There are quite a few out there but they do have a tendency to look the same. Personalise them with one of these!

Scoobits are little discs which attach to your little one's scooter or bike to personalise it. Easy fastening means it can be adjusted or swapped for something a little less scary if they aren't in a dinosaur mood! Penguins, dinosaurs, sharks, rainbows and rabbits are all on offer along with a host of others.

Available direct from Scoobits for £3.95

And no stocking is complete without a snack or treat to keep you going during the present opening fiesta! However, rather than ply them full of E numbers and sugar straight away, or if your child is like The Boy who doesn't like satsumas (not sure he's mine sometimes you know), then give them something healthy!

Benjoy munchcups are healthy alternatives, and what's more children love them! The Boy is particularly fond of the vegetable mini crisps and the multigrain bites. They are 100% natural and nutritious, and the range includes crunchy strawberries, crunchy grapes and tomato and roasted pepper multigrain munchers (which I adore!).

Available from a range of supermarkets and online with Amazon

I was sent these products for the purpose of this feature. My opinions are honest and unbiased.

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  1. twopointfourchildren says

    I've never heard of Benjoy before will have to check them out. The lights look good and something Buster would enjoy.

    Your house must be like christmas with all the parcels arriving daily:-)

  2. says

    I'm expecting a Benjoy parcel soon, if it comes before Christmas they will definitely be making their way in to Bud's stocking, they will be a break from the chocolate if nothing else!

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