Get Busy With The Fizzy!

When I was a nipper, some of my friends had a trendy gadget which I hankered after. It worked like magic, almost Biblical in its ability to transform water into, well ok not wine but, orangeade, cherryade and cola! I was desperate for one, but it was never going to happen: we didn't have fizzy drinks in our house, let alone the money to buy something to make them.

Fast forward twenty years and I was a home-owner with a monthly wage of my own. We bought a fizzy drink maker and our soda-stream was an adored item for quite a few years. That is until we moved back to south Wales and it got broken in the move. Fast forward another seven years and I have one in my possession again, and this time no-one is touching my precious SodaStream!

We've found the SodaStream to be incredibly useful, not only did it help create some marvellous mocktails for Hallowe'en, but it is also incredibly economic. Using tap water, plus a capful of syrup to make a bottle of cola (to accompany my Tia Maria) or some lemonade for mum is cheaper, quicker and convenient. We often open a shop-bought bottle, only for it to go flat halfway through before it's finished. £1.50 wasted.

Then of course, there's the environmental impact. Reusable bottle which is fairly long-lasting? Gas cannister which gets sent back and is refilled? Ecologically sensible choice.

We were also sent a range of flavours, which was interesting because the range of flavours are no longer contained to the sugary syrups any more. There are a whole load of SodaStream flavours which are free from artifical flavours, colours and sweeteners: Mango & Apple, Kiwi & Pear and Passion & Mango and Cranberry & Raspberry. Scrummy!

One of the changes from the my previous SodaStream is the addition of the display. The SodaStream Fizz which we were sent has a digital display for an accurate and timely amount of bubbles, which enables you to have the strength of fizz that you want. The Fizz Chip will also display the amount of CO2 remaining in your cylinder.

SodaStream has never been so attractive, easy to use and damn cool!

I was sent a SodaStream Fizz and a range of flavours for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Alli Marshall says

    I always wanted a sodastream when I was a child!!!
    I might have to get one now that I make the buying decisions 🙂

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