The C Word

Eight years ago, I found a lump in my breast.

About the size of a pea, the hard lump was about an inch below my nipple and scared the hell out of me. I buried my head in the sand for a day, then told Mr. TheBoyandMe and my boss (who at the time was like a surrogate mum for me when I was living away from home) and went to the doctor's straight away. They referred me into the hospital to have it checked out and I saw a consultant within a week. I had an examination, a needle inserted into my breast to try and take a sample (which I won't lie, was painful), and a scan. By the time I had the scan, it transspired that it had only been a cyst and the needle had dispersed it.

Thinking back now, it was one of the scariest moments. Not only because I knew there was a history of breast cancer in my family, but for a young woman who wanted to start a family, finding a lump in my breast felt immobilising.

Breast cancer, like any cancer, is real and affects people all around us. I know this only too well from personal experiences. It cannot, just like any other cancer, be ignored.

Today is 'Wear it Pink' day and various people and organisations, both big and small, have got behind it. Vanish, the stain removal brand, is supporting Breast Cancer Campaign for this special awareness day. Together they are hoping to raise much needed funds for research into prevention, diagnosis and treatment for an illness which touches the lives of so many women in the UK.

You can help in a number of ways:

    • Simply “like” the page then place your donation token into the pot of your choice between Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.
    • For every new 1,000 supporters, £1,000 will be donated to research (up to £10,000).

Please share the pink love and become an online Supporter for Breast Cancer Campaign with Vanish!

This isn't a sponsored post. I wasn't offered, nor would I have accepted any money to blog about this.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Wow! Learn something new everyday about people! So glad the lump was nothing serious, I can so understand why that was such a scary time in y our life. great idea for a campaign xx

  2. says

    I found a lump in my breast earlier this year and, thankfully, it was also just a cyst that had to be drained. But yes, it was very scary – as there is also a history of breast cancer in our family. Glad you're ok. X

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