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Recently, I've been thinking back over the past decade. In a month's time I will have been married for ten years, but further to this I have been teaching for the same amount of time.

Prior to my teaching degree, I trained to be a nursery nurse and during that time, I had a post in a private nursery, but I also had a nannying job. Let me tell you now, nannying is an incredibly hard career and I take my hat off to anyone who does it. Imagine looking after one or two children nearly each and every day, in their own home, nurturing and caring for them, but they aren't your children. Knowing to step back the moment their parents come into the house is an important skill, and being able to keep the little ones close but not etched too deeply in your heart is nigh on impossible. The rewards though in being involved in a little person's life are incredible, and sometimes so is the relief at being able to go home at the end of the day!

An online friend of mine is a nanny, and I can imagine that she is magnificent at it. Caring, friendly, loving and giving, I know that she adores her charges and they her. If I was to employ a nanny, then she would be the one that I trust with The Boy. I heard from her the other day that the family's circumstances have changed and she will be finishing with them in a month or so. I can't imagine how difficult a transition that will be for both her and her charges. And not only that, but she is going to have to find a new job, this side of Christmas.

Nanny jobs are becoming increasingly popular, as mothers' guilt increases. Often torn at the idea of putting their child into a nursery, a nanny provides the easier solution: your child is cared for in your home with your rules and on a (normally) one-one basis. I was chatting with someone who is returning to work and they are taking a nanny on as it is cheaper than putting their two children into a nursery.

Maybe this friend of mine will fancy a career change? Maybe it's time to try something new? Maybe she'll want to find another family? Either way, a good place online to look for part time work is the wide-ranging site, You want a house or a new pair of shoes? What about a band for a wedding or a double pushchair? Gumtree's popularity is increasing, with good reason.

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  1. mammywoo says

    How did i not know you were a nanny? I would have loved to have done something like that but yeah i can imagine it is totally gut wrenching to drag yourself backwards when the parents get home.
    Thanks for reminding me about gum tree.

  2. says

    I've never looked at Gumtree. Sounds interesting. Nannying also sounds very interesting. It must be really hard to draw that line especially when children become besotted and genuinely love you. Agree, it sounds like a very hard career

  3. LisaWhite18 says

    Thank you!!!! 🙂 I feel so honoured by the lovely things you have said! xx

    Being a Nanny is an incredibly hard job – although many people seem to think it's one of THE easiest jobs in the world. Apparently we get paid to play and drink tea all day!?!?
    If only it was that simple.
    Don't get me wrong I do LOVE my job and really enjoy being a nanny but daily it can be a very challenging job. Having to learn the boundaries that can vary so much from family to family (and trying to find out where they keep the saucepans)
    Also just knowing where to draw that line is incredibly difficult as each and every family work differently and all expect something slightly different from you.
    Then you eventually settle and generally become part of the 'family' which is fab and means so much…….AND………..Then your world is rocked and you have to move on and start all over again 🙁 Which is what happened to me 2 wks ago, after being in my current position 2 yrs. Having only ever been a nanny I don't know what it would be like to leave other jobs but when it comes to leaving a family where the children are permanent fixtures in your life, you think about things you can do with them, you're always trying to come up with new and fun ideas, you send postcards from your hols and then see the big beaming smile when you get back to work is a feeling you can't beat 😀 The children from my old job are know as 'My extra special friends' I still see them on a very regular basis which is amazing. I started with them when C was 5mths old and L was 4 and a half.. C is now 6 and L is 10 and a half 'my' babies have grown up and I'm so proud of the polite, happy, thoughtful, caring children they have grown up to be – I was with them for 4yrs and not once didn't want to go to work 🙂 I emailed my boss shortly after leaving to say how proud I was of L – out of the whole of her class she was the only one to put her hand up to say thank you to the cars that had stopped at the crossing for them all to cross (not realising I was at the front of the queue)
    Although leaving is such a wrench and an extremely emotional time I just can't see me doing anything else…I just have to make more room in my heart as each new charge comes along 🙂 x p.s sorry to ramble on I just love my job!!!!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you for leaving such an interesting comment, I knew a little of what it was like but this gives me such a greater insight. As hard as it is, it must be so rewarding. I'm so pleased that you didn't mind me using you as an example.

  4. LisaWhite18 says

    It is an extremely rewarding job –
    Although at the same time it is also such an honour that someone trusts you enough to look after their most precious 'possession' in the world!! Then on the flip side at the same time it is very frustrating that there are parents out there who refuse to pay a decent wage for child care but will happily pay a cleaner (heaven forbid they have a messy home) or their Financial advisor the top rate of pay!! So upsetting when some people just can't see how lucky they are to have children in the first place. xx

    P.s Of course I didn't mind 🙂

  5. Mum2Four says

    I have a childminder that has looked after 3 of my children – she has now been our childminder for 12 years & she definitely sees the children as part of her family & my children have a lot of love & respect for her. Both my childminder & eldest child cried last year when he left her care.

    My eldest child is referred to as her 5th Son and my Daughter is the Daughter she never had and Youngest Son is now her 6th Son.

    I never though of having a nanny for my children – however I might have to consider this next year as my wonderful childminder will be retiring, I am really sad about this & I know the 2 kids still in her care will be too.

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