One Last Fling With Summer

Just as soon as I'd packed away The Boy's shorts and sunsuit, the sun comes out with temperatures in the mid twenties, azure blue skies and Mother Nature beckoning us outside for one last frolic.

So we did, we've spent much of the weekend outdoors. Yesterday we went to a beautiful Victorian park in Cardiff, then went and played on our town's beach. The Boy's never been on a pebbly beach before, I had been waiting until he was more stable on his feet and then I kept forgetting to take him down. Which is ridiculous because it's our beach! He and Mr. TheBoyandMe had a good old play while I ordered the take-out pizza and chips, then we went and sat on the pier and scoffed a veritable feast!

Today we took advantage of the fabulous weather and went 'down the Island'. The tide was just going out as we arrived so we set up on the slightly damp sand and set to building a moat and castle. Several hours later, picnic consumed and moats built we tottered home for showers and sleep.

We've just finished the weekend up with a lovely light meal of asparagus risotto and a glass of white zinfandel. Bye-bye Summer, I'll see you again in March!

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    I have been getting use out of some shorts that I bought for Burton at the start of the summer which he never got to wear!! Who would have Thought we would have such glorious weather now!! Gorgeous photos x

  2. says

    Sounds idyllic! Love the photos.
    You are very much an optimist, aren't you? March for summer to return? 😀 Or do you think it will do a repeat of this year- show its face in March/ April and then go into hiding till September/ October?

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The last few years here we have had absolutely boiling weather come mid-end of March, then April is sweltering and it goes away again until June. Only this year it went away until last weekend!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'd have loved Summer in June, The Boy could have had his birthday outside! But no, it was torrential rain and gail force winds!

  3. Him Up North says

    It's been great to cling on to summer a little longer hasn't it? My kids were swimming in the north sea on Saturday. Unbelievable. Lovely photos btw.

  4. mammywoo says

    It was mad wasnt it? But beautiful.
    I feel like i missed out on a lot of the summer i could have spent with my angel being cooped up in that hospital ward so for me, it really felt like a gift.
    I love your use of the word azure here, it sums it up perfectly.
    Also, as always i love your photos and i am desperate to visit the island. Definately next year, as i most definately wont be in hospital next year!!
    Goodbye summer. Come back soon. But not too soon, im looking forward to jumpers! x

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