It's Party Time!

It never fails to amaze me the absolute tat that people put into their child's party bags. I know, it's appalling isn't it? I am a party bag snob.

Ok perspective here: a friend's son's 1st birthday party bags contained Refresher chewy lollies, sherbet sweets, balloons and those little army men thingies. For one year olds. ONE! Another bag from another friend contained more appropriate items (he was three) including a foam pirate hat, a little spy-glass and a packet of buttons.

Now don't get me wrong, I know party bags are a relatively new commodity. When I was a child, we were sent off with a slice of cake. Nowadays, they are expensive business and it is difficult to spend less than £1.50 or £2.00 on each bag, and if you want to put anything other than plastic cracker fillings in it, then you're struggling. I was a few months ago when I was trying to do The Boy's 2nd birthday party bags.

Which is why you should investigate The Enchanted Party Shop.

They sell the whole caboodle: the bags (including nice fabric, resuable ones), party hats, balloons, toys, games, sweets and chocolates. All perfect for filling your child's party bags with age appropriate and quality goods at prices that won't have your purse weeping.

We were sent a boy's party bag as an example of the types of goods that are sold:

I was thoroughly impressed with this bag (which was assembled for the purpose of this review) and the quality of the items included.

  • yellow, wooden ladybird yo-yo = 89p
  • blue, wooden watch is elasticated for easing wearing and has moving hands = £1.40
  • multi-coloured wooden tamtam = £1.00
  • animal stickers = 80p
  • blue raspberry rock = 50p
  • swirly lollipop = 52p
  • pirate ring = 60p

Obviously the quantity of items sent were to highlight the range. In The Boy's party bags I tend to include a decent toy, a little chocolate, a slice of cake, maybe a hat or a blower or something, and I try very hard not to spend more thatn £2.00 a bag. Clearly the amazing range that The Enchanted Party Shop stock allows for this to be possible, and find quality items to suit your theme, age of child and budget. When I was browsing around the store, I also came across these items which I really liked:

  • wooden animal clappers = £1.20
  • farm stickers with playsheet = 40p
  • novelty chocolate frogs = 34p
  • wooden spinning tops = 90p
  • wind-up chattering teeth = 25p

I know that I will definitely be visiting The Enchanted Party Shop for The Boy's next birthday, and quite possibly if my toddler group needs goodies for the Hallowe'en or Christmas parties!

We were sent a party bag to review. My opinion, as always, is honest.

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