Captured on Canvas

"Would you like to review a photo canvas?" said Bags of Love.

I'll admit now that I've never thought of having one before. I've seen them many times, looked at them quite closely and not always been impressed with the finish. Some of the canvasses can be quite waxy and plasticky in their appearance. However, having browsed through the photo canvas range and styles available from Bags of Love, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that they don't use the typical technique associated with other photo canvasses. They use 'dye sublimination' which involves fusing inks deeply into the fabric fibres, giving it very vibrant colours which do not fade over time, or crack like plastic shiny coated ink jet canvas.

So I said "aye, go on then!"

I sent them the image on the left; within four days I had received the contents of the image on the right.

Ha! You thought you were going to see my face then didn't you?!

I am really impressed. The fabric is soft, yet strong. The image is printed onto the canvas with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. I've seen canvasses that my mum has been given as a present, and they lack sharpness around the edge of objects or clarity of colours. The close-up below shows the detail in The Boy's features, the hairs on Mr. TheBoyandMe's arm and the softness of the fabric.

I've included the image on the right because this is something that is important to me. I try and buy FSC wood, paper, card, etc where possible. To find out that Bags of Love use FSC pine in their frames makes my inner eco-warrior happy.

This canvas is fabulous. I am a convert, and quite frankly being the stubborn woman that I am, that's saying something. I was also cheeky and asked if I could have a duplicate one for my mum, which they very kindly agreed to! She adores it, and has asked me to investigate getting another one done for her. The photo canvasses produced by Bags of Love are a very good quality and extremely good value for money.

Before I started typing up this review, I sauntered over to their site. Just another photo gift company, supplying photo canvasses, mousemats, key rings, bags (obviously), calendars, yes? No!

Beanbags, cushions, bedding, jewellery boxes, laundry baskets, roller blinds (!), leather bags, wooden jigsaws, radiator covers, and my two personal favourites: wallpaper and deckchairs!

I know, how cool would that be? All these are amongst the very cool gift ideas available to buy, which would be perfect for birthday presents. Bearing in mind, September is a heavy month for us with family events, we might well be getting some of those birthday presents from Bags of Love!

Thinking further ahead (and I have been feeling a little festive with the Wintery weather recently), we might even be visiting them for some of our Christmas gifts. I bet my mum would love an apron covered in photos of her granchildren, or I could order The Boy a jigsaw of his most favourite thing this year; his trip to Peppa Pig World.

Either way, Bags of Love is a winner and I am going to be shopping there in the future.

I was provided with a photo canvas in order to write this review. I begged them if I could have a duplicate for my mum, and because they're nice they said yes. My opinions are, as always, honest.

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