More on Monday: 'Wanted'

Yesterday I posted this image as my Silent Sunday:

and unsurprisingly, quite a few people wanted to know what it was!

Quite a lot of people picked up that it was something to do with TorchWood and out of those a couple realised that it was something to do with a specific event. As far as I can see only one person (CaroleHeidi) was able to identify exactly who it was about.

I didn't set out to photograph this at all. On Saturday evening, the three of us went to the Pizza Express in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff. We went for a wander around the area so that The Boy could stretch his legs after sitting quietly for so long. After seeing (and running away from) the swans, we decided to go up the long ramp rather than struggle up the old harbour steps. At the end of the first run of the ramp was a stone wall with wire fencing over the top of it. And this was adorned with tributes and memorials.

To whom I may hear you ask?

Ianto Jones from TorchWood!

Yes. You're right. He's a television character. And yes, you're right. It's quite sad really. And I don't mean in an emotionally depressing manner.

However, I can kind of understand it a little bit. First of all he was a really good character in the series, and, as is the case with much regional solidarity, the locals feel proud of him. By the time Children of Earth was aired, him and Gwen were the only main Welshies left in it. So this solidarity for an icon on television I can understand. But, and here's the biggy: it's not real-life!

This photo shows the 'tribute' in full. I am reliably informed by Wikipedia (because that's never wrong) that the site of the shrine is one of the fictional entrances to 'the hub' in TorchWood and where Ianto ran his cover "Tourist Office".

I know. All a bit weird isn't it?

You did ask!

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  1. says

    ahahahaha now see I *loved* Ianto and I totally sobbed when he pegged it but, you know, it's made up and it made for a FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC storyline so i got over it fairly quick. However I know of one or two people who got rather offended by his death that *still* like to rant and rave about how terrible the writing out of his character was.

    I may possibly find this rather funny….

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    I am with Keith, I have not watched Torchwood so it all goes above my head too. Thanks for explaining though x

  3. says

    Oooooo I have found this really interesting (out comes my inner geek)
    We are huge Torchwood fans. Weren't too keen on how the last series ended to be honest but as long as Captain Jack [swooooooooooooooooon] is still alive I'm a happy lady.

    I love how proud everyone is of this/him.

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