Know Your Space!

I'm going to moan. I don't care, it's my blog and I'll rant if I want to!

  • Dis-abled does not apply to not having enough cash. It does not mean that you can park in a space designated for blue-badge holders just so you have a shorter walk to the cashpoint.
  • Parent and child does not apply to teenagers! If you aren't putting them into a pushchair or trolley, aren't manoeuvring a group 0+ car seat out of the back of your car, or quite frankly AREN'T EVEN GETTING OUT OF THE CAR WITH THEM (!) then do not park in that space!
  • Just because someone had parked in your space, Mr. Blue-Badge Man, it does not give you the right to come and park in the parent and child spaces! Especially when you and your wife are so far from being children that it is bordering on ironic!

I find it hard enough coping with the incompetent or ignorant customers who misuse designated car spaces as it is without the staff adding to it.

Like today in Asda when I pulled into the last remaining P&C space. I reversed in so I could get The Boy out on the side of the walkway, which also gave me more space to get him into the trolley. An old coffin-dodger walked up with his puffed-up self-important neon vest on and asked me to move over a space. I politely enquired why and he said because the workman needed that space so he could get his tools out.


I politely pointed out that this was a P&C space to which he said that the man needed it so he could get his tools out. I lost it. I impolitely pointed out that this was a space for parents with children to park in and that I had a child to get out the car and 'NO! I would NOT be moving'.

Having got my child out of the car, I saw him moaning to a colleague. I saw red and went and very loudly complained at the store manager who apologised profusely.

Oh and on the way out of the store I saw the workman. He was pushing his small toolbox over in a baby-carrier trolley (I know). No, I didn't mow him down with my trolley although I felt like it! I like dodgems…

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  1. Fayc says

    I hate seeing people using spots they shouldn't, my husband uses a blue badge so I get wound up with the cash point users too!

  2. @HelenW71 says

    Since L's arrival I now qualify to park in both disabled and P&C spaces. You would think this means twice the choice of spaces. In reality it means I get twice as annoyed at people abusing both types of space!

  3. Jenny paulin says

    I wrote a similar post after i got fines for parking in disabled space at sainsburys as mother & child were full and disabled were empty!! Pi**es me off because anyone can park in mother & child and no one gets a fine then grrrrrr x

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