The Gallery: I'm Grateful For…

This week's theme is topical for the parental bloggers, especially in the United Kingdom. Three lovely ladies, including the inspirational Christine, have been chosen by Save The Children to go on a voyage of discovery to Mozambique, following vaccines from the 'cold store' in the city out to the rural communities, where they will be administered to children. Children who might otherwise die from diseases that really shouldn't be killing them. Diseases that our children get automatic immunisations against.

Therefore on a serious note, Tara has set our theme as:

I'm Grateful For . . .

I've chosen to do a collage of images that I am grateful for; some serious, some silly, all essential.

How many can you work out?

Now pop over and check out the other entries using this little widgetty doo-dah.

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  1. Mcai7td3 says

    That's a clever way of doing it, I cant work out the 2nd pic on the bottom row. There are others but the one is most puzzling.

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    I wAs going to do something like this but due to baby being sick on my bed last night and me having to wash everything, I ran out of time sio had to pick photos I had!.,

    Great choice I also would agree with most of them. Love the boys grin 🙂

  3. says

    Ok from top row, left to right…Ipod, milk, starbucks, medicine 9as that is a little ecg monitor tab),make up, water, the boy,laptop, photography, pretzels, sky or the remote (tv), and you marriage! Am I right?

    Pretty much all the things I would pick,except, I need a laptop as mine ha broken and I would swap pretzels for chocolate!

  4. maddydodo says

    Great collage and I agree with what you've chosen – though are you grateful for baked maggots? (bottom row second from the left)??!

  5. alysonsblog says

    very clever – and when I sat down to think about mine there were just so many – well done on thinking of an idea to incorporate as many as possible x


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